North Cape Tour: December 2006 to January 2007

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On Christmas Eve at the North Cape!

I plan to do an adventurous tour in my "Thing" along the norwegian coast. The target is the iron globe on the famous "North Cape" which I hope to reach on Christmas Eve. On the way back I will drive through Finland and then go along the swedish coast. Night time I will building up a tent - no civilisation please ...

: 5 to 6 weeks
estimated 6th. of December 06
estimated 2nd. week 07
Frank Boese VW 181 the thing - Flight jacket
A preview ...

These pictures shall give a preliminary impression ...


Frank Boese VW 181 the thing - boot
Stages of preparation

The preparation is running at high speed. There is a lot to do:

- Planning  of route details
- Technical conditioning of "The Thing" 
- Acquisition of necessary equipment
- Presentation in Internet 
- PR activities
- Sponsoring
Frank Boese VW 181 the thing - canister
Why that?

I just like the snow ...

To be continued.
Frank Boese VW 181 the thing - pilot jacket