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VW 181 - The Thing


About me


Key data:
Year of construction: End of 1965
Design parameters: European/German/gen. provenance: Pomerania, Christian, Protestant 
Place of birth: Beckum (Westphalia)
Heigth: 179 cm
Status: Single
Personality type: ENTp
Profession: Electrician / Electrical Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.)
Occupation: Product Manager

Openness – Sine Qua Non and the Beginning of Freedom!
Meeting a stranger is always exciting. It could be the beginning of everything or nothing. It determines wether a relation could develop or not. The crux of the matter is, wether itīs the heart or the brain that rules. To this, I sadly acknowledge that I choose the brain on the second place and use this to search for the solutions regarding encountered problems. Consequently, I end up spending a lot of time (too much?) and energy, believing that I could change things! Sometimmes, a charge against the windmills -  just like a real „Don Quichotte“.

Freedom – My Lifeīs Elixir!
An old saying goes: only a free spirit is in a position to be creative. It is not a secret that solely e free spirit could be able to be creative - I completely agree to this. Creativity leads to new things, and thatīs what makes the world go round. But just as everything, freedom has two sides, and in which direction should our world turn, this fully depends on us. Thatīs why, it is a principal aspect of freedom to say "no" to certain matters. I opt to use this as privilege, ready for its consequences. Then nowhere stands that you could have freedom unconditionally.

Truth – Fundamental Belief!
A lot of significant words can be associated with truth. These are important words such as „honesty“, „loyality“, „reliability“ and even „love“, etc. All these virtues eventually lose its impact when it is not based on truth. Thatīs what I believe. 

Individuality – The Result!
Finally, letīs have a look at my personality. After all, thatīs also one of the reasons for all these revelations so far. Iīm definetly not perfect, I merely aim to point out my beliefs and my principles. A value system contains a lot more of attributs, but choosing what important is, this is your personal descision.  

Personal objectives 
… living in Düsseldorf (a.s.a.p.), a fulfilling partnership, a pilot liscence, a biplane, more extraordinary and exciting adventure tours …
Frank Boese is doing his job